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How to choose the right labeling machine?

Time : 2016-12-19 Comment : 18

According to the continuous improvement of modern technology, there are many labeling machine products on the market. But how to choose a labeling machine that suits your own business?

1. Industry

1. Food industry

Food industry safety and health is the first priority, so the equipment materials must be 304 stainless steel, no secondary pollution harmful, in line with GMP standards; In addition, food production-related labels, such as production date and batch number and other important information, can be purchased labeling equipment, it is best to choose and directly install the labeling machine bar code equipment, to achieve labeling-coding [inkjet] integration.

2. Electronics industry

Regarding the electronics industry, many processes, many employees, and high precision of process and labeling are common characteristics. At present, the labeling demand in the electronics industry is widespread, so the primary consideration for choosing labeling machines in this industry is efficiency, precision, and personnel adaptability to operability.

2. Customers who use the labeling machine for the first time

Since the performance and application of the labeling machine are relatively unfamiliar, send the samples and sample labels that need to be labeled to the labeling machine manufacturers for evaluation and testing as much as possible to reduce the risk of purchasing feasibility; Customers with conditions should also personally go to the equipment manufacturer to personally watch and learn the operation of the equipment.

3. seven points to purchase labeling machines

1. Machine supporting functions

● Labeling machine supporting functions, labeling accuracy, high efficiency, good stability

● Self-adaptation function, self-matching function (reduce the difficulty of equipment adjustment)

● Alarm function, electrical fault abnormal alarm, whole error alarm, full alarm

● Safety protection function, speed upper and lower limit protection, load protection

● Supporting function expansion, connecting coder, inkjet printer, reserved PLC interface

2. Electrical configuration of labeling machine

PLC, sensors, inverters, encoders, motors must be checked one by one, the current general situation, the core electrical imported brand is much better than the domestic durability, stability, electrical stability directly determines the stability of the machine.

3. Mechanical structure of labeling machine

Whether the mechanism is reasonable, whether the adjustment is convenient, whether the operation is simple and easy to remember, safety, comfort and other comprehensive considerations.

4. Scope of application of labeling machine

For customers whose output requirements are not very high, but there are many types of labeling products, the machine is the primary consideration, and a machine that can achieve the finished product should not buy 2 sets. For manufacturers with high output requirements, on the contrary, product singleness should be considered, product diversity should be reduced, and high-speed and efficient labeling machines should be selected.

5. The labeling machine uses materials

The main material of the electric box, the overall material of the machinery, whether it is durable, environmentally friendly, lightweight, pollution-free, safe, etc.

6. Production system

Production efficiency, production standardization, perfect company production management system is the guarantee of the quality of labeling machine.

7. After-sales system

After-sales service, sales commitment, whether the sales method is diversified, whether there are sales outlets, and sales fee collection regulations.

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