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Eight advantages of online printing labelers

Time : 2016-08-05 Comment : 18

Online printing and labeling machines are now more and more common, widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics and other light industry carton packaging lines, has become the key equipment in the labeling ideal.

Online printing and labeling equipment can be directly installed on the assembly line or other packaging machines, through online access, can be matched to the assembly line to achieve online printing, real-time printing and automatic labeling of the flowing products, to achieve unmanned printing and labeling production.

1. [Program storage function advantages]

Users can preset the setting parameters for various products (such as: number of labels, delay, alarm processing mode, etc.) in the control computer, and call them out for use when changing production needs, without resetting.  

2. [Advantages of a variety of labeling methods]

Pneumatic, blowing, sweeping and other ways for users to choose, can meet different occasions / different items labeling requirements.

3.[Real-time printing and labeling leak-proof sticker function advantages]

Optional automatic label filling (replay) function to meet special needs such as production lines.

4.[Advantages of alarm function]

When a fault occurs, the system will pop up the corresponding alarm information or shutdown respectively, so that users can clearly understand the fault situation. (Optional alarm methods include: "off/on" signal and "stop/no stop" command, etc.).

5. [Extended function advantages]

It can be connected to other equipment (such as barcode readers, electronic bangs, testing equipment or other industrial automation equipment, etc.) to form an integrated system to meet the most complex application requirements of production management and logistics monitoring of users.

6.[Advantages of connection function]

Through online access, it can be matched to the assembly line to achieve online printing, real-time printing and automatic labeling of the flowing products, and realize unmanned printing and labeling production.

7.[Easy installation advantages]

Independent bracket, easy to adjust; The object distance latitude is large, reducing the need for fine adjustment during installation, and the use of imported electrical components from world-famous brands to ensure the long-lasting stability and reliability of the whole machine.

8. [Counter function advantages]

A variety of counter functions make it easy for users to understand and follow up on production, material conditions, label usage, etc. Different counting methods can greatly improve the flexibility of users for different production and statistical needs.

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